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The Musical Soul Food Festival is designed to delight and entertain every member of the family with hours of great fun and entertainment. Our intent is for family and friends to take time out to connect and have fun while creating lasting memories of time spent together. We hope that each person attending the festival experiences inspiration, empowerment and hope. The Musical Soul Food Festival is presented by Rejoice! Musical Soul Food Network, in collaboration with HBK Media. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I get a mammogram if I'm under age 40?

Unfortunately, we will not perform screening mammograms on the Mobile Mammogram Unit for patients under age 40. Whether you should have a screening mammogram prior to age 40 is a conversation you should have with your physician. If your physician recommended one, please call our regular scheduling service at 757-312-6137.

2. Will the Mobile Mammography Unit perform diagnostic mammograms?

No, we are only offering screening mammograms to patients who are age 40 and over with no prior history of breast cancer and no current breast health concerns such as pain, lumps, etc. If you need to schedule a diagnostic mammogram prescribed by your physician, please call 757-312-6137.

3. Does the Mobile Mammography Unit offer privacy?

Yes, the unit is designed to be a comfortable and discreet space for you to receive your mammogram. There is a separate changing area and mammography room on the coach to provide the utmost privacy.

4. Will walk-ins accepted?

Yes, if appointments are free at that time, we will accept walk-in patients. 

5. Is there anything I should do to prepare for my mammogram?

If possible, please remove deodorant, powder and/or perfume prior to your exam. If you are currently nursing, the breast should be emptied prior to the exam.

6. How do I pay for my mammogram?

We will bill your insurance company for your screening mammogram. 

7. What if I have breast implants?

We can still perform the exam, but it will take longer than 20 minutes. When you are scheduled, you will be scheduled for two time slots. Please call our scheduler at 757-312-6400 to ensure adequate appointment space is available, as our online system will not book patients into multiple appointment slots. 

8. How long will the exam take?

The exam should take approximately 20 minutes.

9. Should I bring any prior mammogram films with me?

Yes, if possible, please bring any mammography films from prior screenings. If you are unable to bring films, please provide the date and location of your last mammogram. 

10. When will my physician receive the results? 

Our radiologist will read the mammography films within 24 hours. The report will go out to physicians the following business day. Please be able to provide the name and phone number for your primary care physician's office. 

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